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We founded in 2001, we are top-notch software development company who works to deliver robust, scalable, and reliable solutions to clients across the globe. Our experience is reflected in the quality of advice and mentoring we provide to Startups and Business.

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Our team transforming your business through latest tech capabilities to stay ahead of the curve.

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Every client can expect clear and transparent communication.

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We consistently create quality software and service for our clients.

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Our cohesive team consists of experts in mobile app development, back-end development, AI and computer vision. We deliver projects of any complexity utilizing industry-leading technologies.


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We offer dedicated developer teams who hold expertise in all the latest technologies. Our developers build secure & scalable software using your preferred technology stack.

How We Work

Our in-house product experts, software designers and software developers deliver a range of integrated services to produce outstanding software – from idea, to launch and beyond.

Analysis and Agreement

  • Initial communication with the client
  • Understanding the requirements
  • Brainstorming and research
  • Strategising the entire plan
  • Plan and quotation approval

After being approached by a client, our team of tech strategists understands the project’s requirements. We will analyse and research to make a final plan. Quotation, time frame, and project plan will represent to the client. An NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) is signed if the client requires it.

Developing An Agile Process

  • Milestone division
  • Start-up budget
  • Beginning the work

Breaking a lengthy task into short milestones makes it organised and simple. After the client’s approval, the plan is subdivided into modules. Our experts start working on the project start-up budget.

Designing Prototype/ Wireframe

  • Internal research
  • Designing prototype
  • Innovative UI/UX
  • Submission of the resource plan
  • Structure finalisation

We make headway to design the prototype of the project. Our team puts heads together to conceptualize the wireframe considering the specifications and action plan. At the same time, we design the most intriguing and user-friendly UI aiming for great user experience. After all, a strong base is the foundation of successful implementation of an idea.


  • Agile software development
  • Delivering modules in sprints
  • Fixing bugs, integrating feedback

When the client approves the prototype, our developers jump into the process of development of the app targeting one milestone at a time. The client is kept posted on hitting each milestone and the work is presented to the client for possible feedback or modification. Nothing is more important than meeting the client's perspective and expectation.

Beta Testing/ Quality Assurance

  • Real-time utilization
  • Systematic monitoring and evaluation
  • Test-driven development
  • Bug eliminations
  • Final modifications

The complete plan is now put into action. The client can see and use the beta version of the software. The software is tested from the viewpoint of users and examined accordingly. Modifications and bug fixes are done if needed. Beta version goes through various testings to confirm the quality.

Deployment and Delivery

  • Launching the software
  • Final delivery of the product
  • Delivering source codes
  • Ensuring persistent quality

After the client's approval on the beta version, the software is all ready to strike the market for real-time application. Once all the modifications are implemented, the software will handed over to the clients with its repository and final source code.

Maintenance and Support

We will provide professional, reliable and prompt support for general or technical queries on the software. Rest assured that support requests are handled by local app developers office. To ensure the software remains secure and continues to work effectively, 24/7.