Who We Are

The who, what and why our company exists

Hiratte Software Solution was formed in 2001. We specialized in designing quality software solutions, wireless applications and gaming applications for embedded systems, mobile computing and PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) especially iOS [iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad], Android, Blackberry, BB10, Tizen, J2ME, PalmOS, Windows CE, Windows Mobile, Pocket PC, Smartphone, SymbianOS.

Hiratte Software Solution provides users with software that helps them to organize, and transmit their information.

If you need a custom application for your company or thought about using a custom application for corporate branding or a special marketing promotion, Hiratte Software Solution is here to help you make your custom applications happen.







Our History

We've built a company since ...


Foundation of Hiratte Software Solution
Created 1st PalmOS app - HandMine (minesweeper)


Total PalmOS app sales over 1,000 copies


Developed total 19 PalmOS applications and games


Created 1st Windows Mobile app - BeLine


Created 1st iOS app - BMI Calc


Total iOS app sales over 10k copies


Created 1st Blackberry OS app - Chinese Zodiac
Total iOS app downloads over 100k copies


Migrated 1st iOS app to Android platform
Developed total 9 Blackberry OS applications and games


Migrated 1st Blackberry OS app to Blackberry 10 (BB10)
Total iOS app downloads over 500k copies


Developed total 22 BB10 applications and games
Total Android app downloads over 100k copies


Total iOS app downloads over 1mil copies
Total Android app downloads over 500k copies


Developed total 50 iOS applications and games
Developed total 44 Android applications and games


Developed Receipt Printer API for Adobe Flash, Objective C, Android Java, Cordova with USB, serial, bluetooth & network connections


Developed 1st blockchain explorer
Setup 10+ blockchain nodes for customers including BTC, lightning, ETH full & light nodes, etc


Developing on-chain data provider.

Our Core Values

Transparent Communication

From time to time, hard choices and situations surface. When they do, we shine a very bright light on them. Trust thrives in transparency, and so we openly discuss challenges with clients, vendors and team members. We believe the best ideas happen when we confront problems together.

We Care

We are your tech partners and you are a part of our team. We care for our clients and provide tech suggestions from time to time: before, during, and after the project completion. we can hold ourselves 100% accountable for the promises we make. We believe in complete transparency and honesty in our projects and the only way to guarantee this is to do it all ourselves.

Module Accomplishment

Payment is expected only after the successful accomplishment of each module and project. We believe in the work and we rely upon mutual trust throughout the project. We understand your requirements and we’re there to provide support even after the project completion.

Wildly Successful

Achieving our clients’ goals is great. Exceeding our clients’ wildest expectations is event better. With each client, we ask: “How do we make your project wildly successful?” Then, we don’t stop working until we get there.

Hitting the Mark

We deliver high-caliber products with speed and precision, our team members has to hit the mark all the time. We only hire experienced strategists, designers, and developers in the top 10% of their fields.

Loyalty to the Goal

We serve as moral leaders on our clients’ projects. We believe that everyone is responsible for the project’s success, which means that we fill gaps we find — even when they are outside the original scope.