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Challenging puzzle game that facilitate hours of gameplay. You have to align identical tiles in the middle row to clear the board.


Tile-matching line puzzle game on a 10 x 10 playing board. The objective of DiSlider is to remove tiles on board as many as possible. Tiles can be cleared with form of horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines of 5 same tiles or more. Each turn will add three new tiles to the board if a move without aligning line(s).


An addictive gems puzzle game. Clear gems on board by tapping on a group of at least 3 identical gems. Tapped gem group is removed from the board and the gems above will fall into the empty spaces. New gems will be generated and added to bottom of board.


One-payline classic fruit slot machine game. Up to 3 coins can be bet on each spin. It simulates real slot machine play with bet-one, spin, & bet-max buttons. Animated wheel and high quality graphics makes FruitySlots more attractive & fun to play.


An addictive unique board-based puzzle game. Simply tap a gem and swap with its adjacent gem to form three or more identical gems in diagonal line. Matched gems are removed from the board and the gems above will fall into the empty spaces. Often, the gems falling will cause a chain reaction and form new matches and those gems will also be removed.


Ten-cards pyramid blackjack puzzle game. Your goal is to rearrange the cards by swapping 2 cards side-by-side to create a possible Blackjack hand in small pyramid of 3 cards.


An addictive board-based puzzle game. The aim of Rectogen is to form a rectangle in same color from 4 boxes by spinning the box pieces.


Action-based puzzle game. The aim of Springer is to gather all diamonds on board and direct the ball to the end. Tap on start (S) to begin the game and tap on mirror to swap its angle.


Tap-n-Clear is a tap-and-clear boxes game on a 14 x 14 playing board. The objective of Tap-n-Clear is to clear boxes in groups from the playing board.