My File Manager


My File Manager is an essential file explorer for your BlackBerry® PlayBook™, to manage files and folders in the /accounts/1000/shared and bridged SDCard folder, with key features of Hiding File and Password-protected ZIP & UNZIP.


Blackberry Development

  • Features:-

  • 1) SDCard - Support Bridged SDCard access.
  • 2) Photo Thumbnails - Tiled List view for easier photo organizing with photo thumbnails (JPG, GIF, PNG, and BMP).
  • 3) File Size and Date - Detailed List view for detailed file's info with size and date.
  • 4) Hide File - Hide personal photos/documents while sharing your PlayBook's files to colleagues through Wi-fi Sharing.
  • 5) Password Protected - Password protected login to secure your hidden private and confidential files.
  • 6) Zip - Zip and Unzip archive files, and Zip file content list view.
  • 7) Password-protected Zip - Zip and Unzip password-protected file (simple symmetric encryption).
  • 8) Storage Info - Status bar shows total folders/files, selected folders/files, total available storage space, and total file sizes.
  • 9) Open File - Launch registered app for file automatically by tap-and-hold action.
  • 10) Folder - Create new folder and delete folder.
  • 11) Files - Copy files, move files, delete files and rename file.
  • 12) Select All - Easy to select all files or de-select all files in folder.
  • 13) Sort By - Sort files ascending or descending by filename, size, and date.
  • 14) Hidden Photo Tumbnails - Able to hide or show thumbnail for hidden files.