Jack And The Beanstalk


Jack And The Beanstalk is a talking and interactive kid's moral story book with attractive NATIVE voice narration. It is a famous English fairy tale about a little boy encounter a giant with the beanstalk. "Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum!"

Jack And The Beanstalk features theme-based learning, readers can tap on animated objects on pages to learn word of the objects with voice pronunciation. This is an effective way for readers to learn vocabulary.


Android Development

iOS Development

Blackberry Development

Designed for kid ages 2-years and up.

Long airplane or car ride? Waiting for dining or need concentration on shopping? Load Jack And The Beanstalk to your Android device and hand it to your kid, let your kid have fun with it.

  • Features:-
  • Onscreen text makes readers associate between the word they hear.
  • attractive NATIVE voice narration.
  • Automatic narration on page, and this feature can be switched off for self reading or bedtime story.
  • Theme-based learning on the objects that readers see with voice pronouncing words.
  • Bookmark last page automatically.
  • Easy to use navigation for all ages.
  • Supports 2 way landscape modes.