27 Horoscopes


27 Horoscopes is an ancient astrology system that existed thousand years ago in Tibet. It has been regarded as a secret astrology system last time, and concealed in Tibet's fane. 27 Horoscopes used fixed stars acrossed the ecliptic coordinate system to form 27 zodiacal signs, and a set of calculation to divide people into 27 different horoscopes based on birth date. Each horoscope has its own attribute and character, and these horoscopes have strong relation with each other. 27 Horoscopes is much more accurate than ordinary horoscopes, try it out today!


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Do you actually know yourself well?
Do you want to know how is your relationship with your lover?
Do you want to know how should you work with your business partner?


27 Horoscopes application for iPhone/iPod Touch is a Tibet astrology/horoscopes application that converts your western birth date to lunar birth date, and finds out your horoscope and gives a detailed report as following:-

  • 1. General
  • 2. Fate
  • 3. Character
  • 4. Career
  • 5. Wealth
  • 6. Relationship & Marriage
  • 7. Health


27 Horoscopes is able to cast the relationship of both parties with you and his/her horoscopes. You will know what is your relationship in former life and how is it affected your current life.

This application aims to help people to term with their good and bad traits and rectify the negative qualities if they have any, so to lead happy and prosperous life.